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BN MMA Gloves Sarung tinju Body Combat Boxing Muaythai
A Durable Hi-End well designed MMA Gloves made of PU Leather, The BN MMA Gloves are perfect for both training in the gym and fighting in the cage.
The double-closure System provides easy access and a perfect fit, guaranteeing great comfor and support. The wide leather Velcro closure prevent the risk of wrist injury.
With Hi-density foam, these MMA Gloves offer you a wide range of protection.
Each finger and thumb opening is reinforced , absorbing every ounce of shock for each strike you make.
Technical Features:
• 4oz Density.
• PU Leather.
• High Density Thread for Needle Works.
• Layered Foam For Better Protection and Shock Absorption.
• Top Notch Comfort Feel.
• High Wrist Mantaining Thanks to An Adjustable Strap.
• Exclusive Velcro Strap System for Hand Pre-Positioning.
• Available in Size M & L

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Berat 1 kg

L, M


Abu – abu, Biru, Hitam, Merah, Putih


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